If you are working with an interior design company in Pakistan to upgrade your child’s room, the first thing you would naturally go for is the paint. The room’s colour affects the mood of the occupant and sets an effective theme. The colour you choose can make significant changes to the atmosphere of the room and affect your child’s energy. Here are some of the best paint colours for your kids’ rooms.

#1 Sky Blue:

The bright yet soft vibes of this lovely colour are just what your kid needs to start the day afresh. The sky blue colour generates an endearing feeling and has a positive effect on the mind. That is the reason why blue is among the top favourite colours in the world.

#2 Fawn:

If you ask any interior design company in Pakistan for a unique and suiting paint colour idea for your kid’s room, most of them would suggest the colour fawn. The reason for that is fawn colour is soft and alluring while resonating with the mature part of your child’s mind, developing good taste.

#3 Pink:

Pink is one of the most common colours used for a child’s room. There is nothing wrong with going with the basic option. Splash the walls of your kid’s room with exciting hues of pink and add a lively touch to the room.

#4 Yellow:

If you are looking to add some liveliness and brightness to your kid’s room, paint the walls yellow. This might even be the best option for children who are full of energy, and their preference leans towards the bright summer season.

#5 Grass Green:

So, you have hired an interior design company in Pakistan to decorate your child’s room and are thinking of a colour that adds energetic vibes to the room. Well, in that case, grass green would be the perfect answer. While being vibrant, this shade of green is also easy on the eyes.

#6 Salmon Pink:

If your child has a soft and calm nature, salmon pink is the colour that would best represent it. Painting the walls of your kid’s room with a soft salmon pink colour would turn out to be a good idea because it will provide them with an easy atmosphere.

#7 Soft Orange With Cream Colored Accent Wall:

One more idea for creating an easy atmosphere in the room is to paint the walls a soft orange colour with a cream-coloured accent wall. This idea will not only make the room peacefully alluring but it will add an attractive touch with the colour change.

#8 Cream with Dark Blue Ceiling:

Now, this idea is a pretty solid one because it is a combination of a gentle feeling colour with a strong one. The cream-coloured walls in your children’s room will keep the atmosphere light and peaceful while the bold blue ceiling will be an eye-catching contrast. You can even past some glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling to mimic the night sky when you turn off the lights.

#9 Lilac with Purple Accent Wall:

A captivating idea would be to paint the walls a lovely lilac colour, with a darker shade of purple on the accent wall or the ceiling for an interesting addition.

#10 Light Brown with Green Ceiling:

Here is a unique idea if your child shows an interest in the fresh colours of the jungle. Paint the walls a light brown with a green ceiling to represent an exciting jungle theme.

Choosing the right colour for your kids’ rooms really depends on their choice. For the best results, it better to consult the most promising interior design company in Pakistan.