Decorating our room can be an exciting idea for many. However, there are some mistakes that many of us tend to make that can be detrimental to the room’s look. Here are a few common decorating mistakes to avoid so that you can set up the room in the best way possible.

#1 Choosing the Wrong Colour:

The colour of the room plays a significant role as it affects the atmosphere of the room and the occupant’s mood. It is important that you choose the right color. It can depend on your choice and should go well with the furniture in the room.

#2 Too Many Picture Frames:

While picture frames may be a classic idea in terms of decoration, too many of those can cause the room to look cluttered. You don’t want your room to look more like a museum, do you? A couple of frames one wall or a group of several, minimal frames to the side would do the trick.

#3 Candles All Over:

Candles have gained a particular spotlight in recent years. Scented candles not only make for an alluring and effortless decoration piece but also make the room smell amazing. However, too many candles in a room can be negatively distracting, so it’s best to avoid that.

#4 Improper Lighting:

Lighting is a crucially important factor to set the right atmosphere in the room. Improper lighting can make the room dull and bothersome, also dampening the mood of anyone in it. Make sure to place the lights in the correct places to brighten up the area sufficiently.

#5 An Abundance of Pillows:

Who doesn’t love an extra pillow or two on their bed? While pillows add a cozy look to the room, too many of them on one bed can be a tad bit overwhelming. Make sure to leave some space on the bed for a welcoming touch to the room.

#6 Choosing Furniture Separately:

Contrasting furniture may be a good idea but sets of the furniture entirely different from each other may be a bit off-putting. The difference can clash horribly and mess up the whole look of the room. Choose matching or contrasting furniture, it’ll be best if it matches the colour of the walls.

#7 Complete Matching:

When it comes to decoration, matching is the first thing that comes to mind. As good an idea as it is, too much of it can cancel the whole decoration. If everything in the room is of the same colour, it can be unnerving. Go for contrast rather than complete matching.

#8 Curtain Length:

If you’re adding curtains to the room, the length should be paid special attention. Too short curtains or those that gather in bunches don’t look the neatest, so make sure you go for the correct length.

These little mistakes can bring down the entire look of a room. Now you know what to avoid when decorating your room. With these tips in your hand, you can decorate your room like a pro!