There has never been a better time to add solar energy to your home as 2020 is the perfect fit to welcome this amazing tech in your humble abode. JCWGroup being a leading solar system company in Pakistan has launched many new products to help you in several ways. The ITC (federal solar investment tax credit) gave considerable benefits to solar owners last year. The full 30% federal solar tax credit ended with 2019, but there are many more reasons to convince you to go solar this year. 

Receive ITC Solar Tax Credit

As discussed above, qualified homeowners who add solar to their home will get an ITC equal to 26% of the price of solar equipment, which is eligible. This will stay true until the cut off on December 31, 2021. By the time 2022 comes, the residential credit will go completely zero. This shows that going solar this year is a wise decision. 

Save on Utility Bills

This one’s a no-brainer. Solar panel installation in Pakistan is extremely cheap so, when you go solar, you will be saving on your utility bills over time. Our branded cells by JCWGroup are made to be efficient and will be able to trap more light than normal cells. The more power you get from your solar energy system, the less dependent you will be on your utility company. 

Even the seasons signal to go solar as warmer days are coming, and we will be getting a lot of sunlight. Switching over to solar now will lead to considerable gains in the next few months as you will be getting the most out of your system as the equipment will be working at their highest potential. This will help you reduce the prices you have to pay for your utility bills. 

Increase Home Value

Adding solar to your home will also increase its value. Zillow did a study recently showed that homes that have integrated solar in them are more likely to sell than homes that don’t compete with a percentage of 4.1%. There are many different tools available to find the worth of your homes, such as a solar calculator and guides, but the best way is to talk with a local real estate agent. 

Moreover, Jcwgroup cells are made to last due to their distinct copper foundation, which enables them to resist degeneration far longer than regular solar cells. Most of the conventional cells tend to degrade over time, losing their power, being the victim of breakage and corrosion. However, Jcwgroup cells show degradation at a much slower rate. This means when you integrate your home with Jcwgroup cells, it will have durable cells that will keep value added to your home for a longer time.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

The best part is, by going solar, you are also protecting the environment. When you decide to integrate your home with solar energy, you are decreasing the number of harmful greenhouse gases in the air. Recently, the Australian wildfires showed us that we need to move towards greener options when it comes to consuming energy. Jcwgroup recognizes the problems and tries to keep their cells as clean as possible. So when you decide to bring Jcwgroup cells to your home, you are not only adding solar to your home but also helping towards a more sustainable future. 

It’s 2020 already so what perfect moment are you waiting for to bless your home with the power of solar. Its advantages are crystal clear and show how beneficial and even essential it is for us to go solar. So work towards a better energy form that keeps the environment safer and your home powered up. 

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