Which Type Of Wood Is Best For Your Furniture?: In the market, there are different types of wood for furniture. If you are not sure how to choose which wood is best for your furniture then you have come to the right place! Purchasing wood furniture is a costly investment that you will enjoy for generations. Buy wood furniture with confidence.

Types Of Wood

This blog explains different types of wood for furniture.


In North America, walnut grows from Vermont to the Great Plains and south through Louisiana and Texas. Its color varies from white to dark brown with straight grain however some waves appear closer to the roots. In spite of this, Walnut is the great wood for furniture that is ornate and needs a lot of detail. Walnut is durable, hard and strong wood for furniture. This type of wood is best for furniture you want to stay in your home for long centuries.


Maple is primarily found in Great Lakes region. It’s commonly used for heavy-use furniture items such as dining sets or wardrobes best quality because it is one of the hardest wood types for furniture. Maple is less expensive than other hardwoods. Its color varies from cream to reddish-brown has straight, fine grain with fiddle back pattern. Maple wood look like mahogany. It comes in two varieties, hard maple has a lighter color, and on the other hand soft maple has a darker color. Maple wood furniture is ideal for young families due to its durability.


Mahogany is grown all over the tropics and Africa. Its color varies from pink to reddish-brown with a straight grain. Mahogany is the best wood furniture that is stylish and classic, especially large pieces like dining tables. The wood is produced in large quantity as the size of tree is large. This makes it ideal for focal point furniture. With proper care it will last for generations and adds warmth to the room.


Birch grows abundantly in North America and is extremely strong and durable hardwood. Its color comes in cream to light reddish-brown with a fine grain. The species’ attractive look and blond color make it a best wood type for modern furniture. It is readily available and cost-effective compared to other hardwoods. Its fine grain complements facile interior design.


It comes from the United States. Its color varies from light brown to pinkish red with striped grain. For furniture it is one of the most used woods. It is durable and long lasting wood type and will last for years with proper care. Many antiques of America are made of oak wood. This wood furniture is commonly known as a scratch and stain resistant wood, if finished properly. The wood is extremely dense because of the slow growth of trees’ slow growth. The wood adapts to a number of finishes. This makes it best for modern and traditional furniture.


It is found in eastern United States. Cherry’s heartwood has a reddish-brown with a straight and uniform grain and few rippling. It is also use for antique furniture. Cherry wood polish easily and has an attractive finished look. With proper care, cherry furniture last for many years and stay in your family. Among craftsmen cherry is considered a prized hardwood. As it ages it become more attractive and beautiful.


Except for Antarctica and Europe, Bamboo found in every continent. Naturally, it boasts a soft blonde color however its color varies from very light to a warm medium tone. It is popular for its eco-friendly nature and attractive blond coloring. For furniture, bamboo is the best wood made for modern design and environmentally conscious families. Bamboo furniture is flexible for design but is most common in modern interior design in Pakistan.


Pine is found all over the Northern Hemisphere. It’s known for its attractive knots. Pine is an inexpensive wood and the best choice for those peoples who are not ready for the investment of different types of wood. It is a lightweight wood, making it great for those families that shift from place to another more frequently. Pine furniture is commonly used for kids’ rooms because of the painted colors.