How To Get A Construction Permit In Karachi From SBCA? Are you planning to build that dream home you always wanted but don’t understand what steps to take? You don’t need to worry as we will guide you through the procedure. First things first, you will need a permit from the Sindh Building Control Authority (aka SBCA) for any type of construction in Pakistan. The Single Window facility can help you with that; it provides customers with permits in about a month. The service is automated and will enable you to get a license for constructing a building of 120 square yards or a house under 400 square yards anywhere in Karachi.

Development work plans in Karachi

Now to understand the procedure, you must first know the different categories according to the SBCA’s official site.

Category I building

Three hundred ninety-nine square yards and three-story bungalows.

One hundred twenty square yards and 33 feet high buildings.

One thousand one hundred square yards and 55 feet high warehouses. 

Category II building

More than 400 yards bungalows/lands.

Buildings with 20,000 square feet floor area and 50 feet height,

Category III building

Buildings that are more than 50 feet in height and cover a floor area more than 20,000 square feet

Category IV building

Any buildings for public use or industrial purposes that have more than three floors and occupying the area of more than 14,000 square feet having a 40 feet long can be included to be sold to the public. It should be considered a valid practice for constructing buildings.

Category V buildings

The permit can also be given to the area, which is specially constructed for covering at least 2.5 acres or larger spaces.

Steps For Getting Permit For Constructing A House

The following are the few steps you need to follow to get a permit for constructing your home in Karachi, which is under 400 square yards.

Step 1

The first step is to visit the SBCA’s website and get a licensed professional from the presented list. The attestation of your documents and the submission of your permit will be handled by this professional.

Step 2

Then the professional will continue the process by logging in the official web portal and will complete the form application and upload the required documentation. A hard copy is given to the Single Window facility as the authorized submits the documents online.

Step 3

The staff at SBCA will screen the application and other documents. The request might be rejected if anything is incomplete. Regardless, the final status of the application will be informed to the owner and the professional.

Step 4

You will receive a challan for ZP 1 form along with an online generated scrutiny fee once the application gets approved.

Step 5

Once the payment is confirmed, and the permit of the construction is submitted, you will receive a notification. The application will then make its way for the final approval for the license in Karachi.

Required documentation for construction permits

Here are the documents you will need for construction permits under category 1.

  • Order for possession & allotment.
  • Certification of ownership.
  • The property owner or attorney’s CNIC copy.
  • Owner or attorney’s two pictures of passport size.
  • ZP-01 form and the undertaking of ZP-02 forms
  • Eight sets of blueprints of your property.
  • Pictures from the present state of the site
  • Lease deed.
  • Permission for demolition for old structures on site.
  • Transfer and mutation orders.
  • Forwarding letter from concerned authority/ lessor.

These requirements have been picked from the Official site of SBCA, which you can visit for additional information. Now you can easily understand How To Get A Construction Permit In Karachi From SBCA?