How to Recognize High-Quality Wood Furniture for Homes?: If building a home is hard, then furnishing it with the best furniture and decor item is also harder. Every individual puts in a lot of love and attention before they deliberately choose and place it in a suitable corner in the house that increases the aesthetic look of the home.

But, there are some fittings such as cabinets, beds, dining tables, couches, and many more that are usually acquire, keeping in mind it’s durability and longevity. These furniture items still remain continuous from one generation to the next. Mostly all these fixtures are made up of wood. Furniture craftsman have used this material for making both elegant and everyday pieces for many years, first and foremost because it is enduring, can be custom-made, is easier to maintain, and most basically, it upgrade with age.

So, if you are on an exploration of renovating your home, the following are some ways to find good quality wood furniture.

Know Your Wood

The important thing to remember when purchasing wooden furniture’s that all woods are different, they all are available in many varieties and differ in appearance. It is important to realize the fundamental properties of each wood if it will complement your existing fittings.

The main three types of wood are as follows:

• Solid wood is a natural type of wood that is directly obtained from trees. This wood type is not engineered and for this reason, is one of the most robust version of timber used to make a sofa, bed, etc. As it is the robust form and can last for many years, it is the most expensive.

• Veneers, this type of wood is engineered, covered by many thin layers of better-quality wood. This type of wood is used for sophisticated and budget items and is relatively less costly.

• Particle board and composite wood pieces are made from the scraps of wood. Hence, it is the low-price quality of timber so it would not last for many years. Also it is highly resistant to absorbing moisture and is temperature-sensitive.


If you are looking for custom furniture that will make your home beautiful, so, the best place to determine construction quality would be the joints. The wood furniture is surely high-quality if screws, fingers, interlocking sides, or dovetail joints are used to hold everything together. However, if these points are held by glue, nails, or staples, then the furniture may not be durable.

Material used All Over

When buying wood furniture the important to inspect is to look at the underside of the furniture item. Make sure that the same wood is used to all places. For example, the lumber will look the same in solid wood fitting in both visible and hidden parts. Also, if you look unfinished wood underneath, then it is natural wood.  The other top secret identifier is the fragrance, a new and fresh machined timber has a very identifiable odor.


Review the uniformity of the piece to examine real solid wood from the manufactured one. As the veneer wood are the combination of various wood that’s why they will have a uniform look since solid hardwood will have imperfections.


This is simple to find out the quality of furniture as weight show quality. Fixtures made of solid wood will usually thick and therefore, denser than any medium density fiberboard fitting. So, a fixture made of mahogany will be better than that made of pine wood.

Check The Finish of Wood Furniture

This is also an important aspect of wood furniture. A good quality piece of fitting will be smooth from sanding and therefore have no rough patches when you run your hand over it. Also it will have the natural look of the wood without any dark spots, which will further add color and character to it. Therefore, purchase a finish that is smooth and free from rough spots.

By knowing the tricks of identifying the right wood for your furniture, you can be sure of buying something that is sturdy and long lasting by searching furniture services near me.

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