The concept of minimalism has brought a revolution in how house owners maintain their homes. The days when the majority of the people wanted to live in big mansions, surrounded by expensive furniture, are long gone. Now, most people want to live in cozy and comfortable houses that allow them to enjoy maximum convenience and easy maintenance. However, smaller homes are much harder to decorate. As compared to bigger houses, small ones have less space to accommodate decorative pieces. Regardless, you can still make your house look like a king’s palace if you have the right eye and aesthetic sense.

The following are some tips and tricks to fool the eyes and make your house look spacious.

1)  Make use of raised furniture:

The technique of using floating furniture is one of the easiest ways to make significant space in your house. When you buy grounded sofas and chairs that are attached to the walls or floors of your homes, you are wasting a lot of space that you can use otherwise. To avoid that, float your furniture, and create a better visual space for your rooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. To make the most out of your square footage, you have to do the furniture placement the right way.

2)  Be smart with your window treatments:

No matter how tiny your rooms are, you can always use your mind to create compelling illusions. Window treatments, like the drapery rods and the curtains, play a significant role in creating such mirages. If you place the drapery rod higher, it will make your ceiling look taller. Moreover, use a wider rod than the actual window to make the walls look much larger than they are in reality.

3)  Play with your mirrors:

You can make use of your mirrors to create an illusion of a larger and wider room. Mirrors reflect light and make the house look much capacious and roomy. Placing your mirror right across your window will reflect the natural lighting and outdoor views, making your room look more voluminous.

4)  Take advantage of interior lighting:

If you strategically position the interior lighting of your home, you can transform the whole look of your house. You have to make sure that every corner of your house is well-lit. You can minimize the dark shadows and harsh corners of your room by placing table lamps at the right spot. Also, you can install chandeliers and floor lighting to create a vast outlook of your house.

5)  Declutter:

Clutters makes houses look smaller and congested. If you’re trying to achieve a more commodious look for your home, decluttering will help you a great deal. The more space you make in your room, TV lounge, and living room, the more extensive and vast your house will look. Try to box unnecessary things in cabinets or the storeroom, so you can always get to them when they are needed.

Apart from these, trendy and space-friendly interior pieces can help you create more space in your house. If you’re in the hunt to find a modem, futuristic and beautiful furniture for your home, contact JCW – the leading interior design service provider in Pakistan.