Modern Day Construction And Interior Design Companies

With time, everything changes, including architectural needs and interior design requirements of the era. Construction and Interior Design companies either bring in innovations to suit the market or simply follow along as others do.

Trends Companies Are Following Today

Just like the fashion and garment stores, construction and interior design companies follow industry trends. They have to adopt what’s in demand and leave behind what’s no longer relevant or liked.

Let’s talk about some of the present and upcoming trends in the construction and design industry.


Sustainability is the new cool. People are looking for affordable and sustainable options to keep their costs low. Renewable sources of energy like solar and wind have seen widespread acceptance.

With a continuous shortage of electricity in Pakistan, people are switching to other alternatives of power generation.

For example, the use of hydel power generation has increased in the northern areas of Pakistan as people continue to place small to medium-sized turbines in streams of water. Some have them as parts of their homes.

Construction and interior design companies like JCW have taken it a step further by offering set up and installation of Solar Power Generation systems for sustainable home designs.


Minimalism has always been on the rise. With the growth in population, inflammation, and shortage of livable space, efficient use of space and resources has become crucial. This trend has influenced the majority of urban areas of Pakistan.

Interiors of most newly designed places have traces of minimalism in them. Restaurants, homes, offices, and some private educational institutions practice minimalism one way or another.

You can spot it in their furniture, how they’ve designed their lockers, cupboards, and the kind of appliances they’re using mostly. And occasionally, other steps give it away.

Construction and interior design companies have accepted this trend with open arms. They have perpetuated minimalism further, although there’s still a long way to go.

Home Office

One of the newly emerging trends; thanks to Corona Pandemic; is the home office. Remote jobs were on a rise already, but their growth is further accelerated by the on-going lockdowns and risk of Coronavirus.

Work from home has become a necessity, and now that people have gotten used to it, it won’t be wrong to assume that as many people and companies will continue to work remotely as possible.

After all, it saves commute expenses, time, and energy of employees, while saving resources and space of the employers. With the newly emerging norm of work from home, the need and demand for home offices are bound to spike.

Are Construction and interior design companies of today ready to embrace the trend? We foresee a drastic change in standard home designs and maps. Demand for soundproofing is likely to increase along with it.

Final Word

The world keeps changing, and with technological advancements, unpredictable turns of events, and many other factors, demand, and requirements of people change along with it.

How people designed their homes in the early 2000s is way different from what we opt for now. Construction and interior design companies adapt and evolve accordingly as they should.

The year 2020 has brought a lot of new trends with it in the interior design and construction industry. From home offices to solar-powered buildings, a lot awaits us in the coming decade.