Interior design companies place a strong emphasis on the home’s lighting. The way lights are added to your home can change the way the room is shaped. The wrong lighting can make the room appear smaller, and dull. Therefore, to create a well-balanced design, taking the lighting into consideration is essential. If you are renovating or designing your home, make sure to benefit from the ensuing tips.

Include Windows

The inclusion of light in your home is not only restricted to artificial lamps or fluorescent lights. In fact, some of the best lighting influences are brought out by the natural sunlight. Taking this into consideration, it is imperative to add large windows in your home’s design, to ensure that home is blessed with an abundance of natural light. In addition to this, you can also add decorative mirrors to the dimmer areas of the home, as it can reflect the natural light, thus making the room appear bigger and brighter.

Make the kitchen brighter

The kitchen is the most important part of the home. When you are considering lighting for the kitchen, make sure to include bright fluorescent lights or ceiling lights. This can brighten up the room and make it easier to see effectively perform the kitchen operations. Additionally, if you are including an island in the kitchen, you can add task lighting, such as pendant lights, to care for the aesthetics, as well as the function.

Beautify the dining room

The dining room provides the space for your family and friends to gather together to enjoy the delicious meals. Therefore, the lighting in the dining room should neither be too harsh nor too dim. Taking this into consideration, you can add a chandelier, pendant lights, wall scones, or track lighting. This will make your dining room bright, inviting, and aesthetic.

Bathroom lighting

Every room of the house needs to be illuminated appropriately. When it comes to bathroom lighting, you are required to meticulously place the light fixtures in order to ensure the functionality, as well as the beauty of the design. For bathroom lighting, you can consider including light fixtures, such as scones between the vanity mirrors. You can also add vanity lights, or LED fairy lights to make the grooming process easier.  To further illuminate the bathroom, you can add accent lighting above the bathtub. This would make the room look bigger and aesthetically pleasing.

Bedroom lighting

Bedroom lighting involves more than featuring two side table lamps. You can add to the bedroom’s design by featuring low hanging pendant lights, in addition to the main ceiling light. This will ensure that your room is perfectly bright while also giving the illusion of space.

Home automation

Another trend in 2020 is adding a home automation system, which can enable you to control the lighting system from your smartphone. You can talk to you as an interior designer and ask them to add an automated lighting system, to make your house contemporary, aesthetically pleasing, and spacious.