Everyone looks for the best quality of furniture to decorate their homes. The reason why you’d choose to purchase high-quality, expensive furniture, is that it lasts a lifetime and you won’t feel the need to change your woodwork after every few years. However, despite getting the highest quality of wood, you will still face problems like wood scraping and wearing if you fail to care for it properly.

Wherever you’re procuring your home furniture in Pakistan, you must inquire about the specific cleaning and maintenance instructions.

Here are some useful DIY tips you must do to preserve your furniture.

Maintain Frequent Dusting

 Mostly, our elders (especially mothers) are always putting a strong emphasis on dusting and cleaning the whole place. Know that dusting is highly important to keep your wooden furniture in its best shape. Failing to perform this chore will have consequences like scratches and abrasions on the surface because airborne particles build a filmy layer on the wood. Other than preserving your wood, dusting can also prevent allergies, especially for people who are more prone to asthma. Make sure you use a cloth or lambswool dusters to clean your furniture.

Protect Your Furniture From Environmental Damage

Make sure you keep your furniture safe from environmental factors; sunlight, excess heat, exposure to moisture and other similar things will ruin your wood, regardless of its quality. When placing your furniture, do ensure no wood equipment is put in front of open windows, ventilators, fireplaces, or any place that sees a lot of sunlight.

Make Use Of Polish For Wear And Tear

Most people dust and clean they’re fine wood daily, but at some point, they still see scratches and minor cracks on their furniture. If you come across a similar situation, use liquid polish to remove all the abrasions. This will make your wood good as new. However, if there are major damages and polish or slight touches aren’t doing any good, make use of painting in such cases. The paint will help increase the life of your furniture.

Oil Your Wood

Wooden furniture is susceptible to dryness if it’s stored for some time. This is where you will need to oil up your equipment. Start the oiling process with oil soap or similar chemicals and prepare the upper part with steel wool. Proceed by applying furniture oil gently and leave it for 15-20 minutes to soak into the wood. If you choose to use a protective coating, prepare your furniture 24 hours before the coating process.

Apply Wax As Needed

A lot of wood-made things come with a protective coating that has wax on it. Know that this wax on the surface wears off after some time, you’ll have to re-wax it for better protection. Begin by preparing your surface with steel wool, working with grain, and then wipe it off using a cloth. The next step is to apply the wax coating, and do this by using a sponge pad. Make sure you remove excessive wax and end the process by buffing it with a soft cloth piece to see a shining, smooth surface. Following these tips to preserve your furniture might seem like a time-consuming task, but you’ll have your wood having the same beautiful look and feel for many years to come, without having to spend an excessive amount on new equipment.