The kitchen is the most important part of the home. Your kitchen must be spacious, clean, and full of storage. Therefore, if you are thinking about renovating the kitchen, you must consider the aesthetics of the design, as well as the functionality. If you are looking for tips to design the ideal kitchen, take a look at the ensuing guide.

Consider the positioning of items

Any interior designer in Pakistan would advise you to consider the way that you position certain areas of your kitchen, in order to improve the efficiency of the work. For instance, if you place the refrigerator far away from the kitchen, you would waste a lot of time walking back and forth to gather the ingredients. Therefore, when you are renovating a kitchen, it is imperative to thoroughly plan the layout while keeping the functionality of the design in mind.

Add drawers instead of cabinets

Minor injuries in the kitchen are often caused by the bottom cabinet doors being left open. Taking this into consideration, it is essential to replace the bottom cabinets to pull out drawers, as you can easily close them with a kick. Additionally, drawers are more effective than cabinetry, as you can easily clean and organize them. Moreover,  adding drawers can increase the storage space, as it facilitates the organization. If you wish to add custom drawers in the kitchen, you can take woodwork services and provide them with your design.

Fit the microwave at the right height

Traditionally, microwaves are usually placed on the kitchen counter. However, this positioning can reduce the surface area for your workspace. Keeping this in mind, it is ideal to get the microwave fitted and adjusted at the right height. This height depends on your individual preferences. For instance, if there are kids using your kitchen, you can add the microwave below the countertop to make it safe and easy to use. On the other hand, if your kitchen is primarily designed for the use of adults, the microwave can be fitted fifteen inches above the countertop level.

Create a multi-purpose island

The contemporary kitchen design trends feature a multi-purpose island. This means that you can construct a kitchen island that can be used for different purposes, such as serving as a breakfast bar, as well as prep space for cooking. Multi-purpose islands are typically longer and introduced near the dining area. However, this feature is only effective if your kitchen has an open floor plan.

Add double sinks

Double sinks are not only aesthetic, but they are also extremely functional. Adding a double sink can allow you to have space for the dishes to dry off after they have been washed. You can talk to your interior designer and purchase stainless steel sinks which can complement the rest of the kitchen design. Your kitchen needs to be perfect. Before renovating your kitchen, be sure to think about the design elements, your individual needs, as well as the functions you require. This way, you can introduce the perfect kitchen in your home!