The way you decorate your house represents your personality. In terms of decoration, bathrooms are often overlooked. However, in the modern era, the best interior designer pays attention to the bathroom too. Here are some ways to add warmth and personality to your bathroom.

#1 Choose The Right Colors:

There is a reason all the best interior designers of the area emphasize on choosing the right paint color. Whether it is or the bathroom, bedroom, or any other room for that matter, choosing the right color is important as it adds personality to the room.

#2 Printed or Embroidered Towels:

Towels with lively designs printed on them add a home-y touch to the bathroom. Plus, they are an easy and effective method of adding a little decoration to the room. If you want to make it more personalized, you can even embroider the towels yourself!

#3 Air Fresheners:

Whether it is a bathroom or any other room of the house, an air freshener works wonders in setting the atmosphere. They make the room much more pleasant; choosing your personal favorite scent would sprinkle some personality in the room.

#4 Go For Patterns:

Bathrooms usually have plain walls, which make the room a little boring. You can add a livelier touch by adding some patterns to the walls. This can either be done with paint or wall decals. If you can’t decide a suiting pattern, get in touch with the best interior designer near you.

#5 Intricate Mirror Frame:

Mirrors in bathrooms are often overlooked and are attached with plain, dull frames. A tip to make things more exciting is to get an intricately designed for your mirror. It will make your bathroom design look much classier than ever before. Plus, it’s an excellent decoration piece too!

#6 Proper Lighting:

It is highly important to set up proper lighting in your bathroom. If the lighting in any room is improperly placed and insufficient, it can be seriously unpleasant. Sufficient lighting makes the room brighter, which leads to a livelier room.

#7 Best to Choose Organic Things:

Choosing organic material for your bathroom is not only good for your health but also make nice decoration ideas. For example, a pretty looking organic soap with some flower petals herbs in it will look nice in the soap dish.

#8 Candles:

When it comes to decoration ideas that represent your personality, you can’t really forget candles. Place one or two candles with the scent of your choice to add warmth and personality to your bathroom.

#9 Decorative Storage:

A clever idea of decorating your bathroom without taking up too much space is to add decorative storage items. For example, decorated baskets and containers to hold your toiletries will be an effective addition to the décor.

Decoration plays an effective role in adding warmth and personality to any room. Get expert help from the best interior designer in your area to make sure your room looks nothing short of perfect!